alat Aziz was born on 11th November 1956 at Niloufer Hospital in Hyderabad Deccan. His father was Abdul Azeem Khan and mother Sajida Abid.

alat hails from a illustrous family, who were great patrons of fine arts. He took his initial training from Kirana Gharana, formed by Abdul Karim Khan Saheb. Talat was trained primarily by Ustad Samad Khan and later by Ustad Fayaz Ahmed who were great musicians of repute.

Dinner Party hosted in the honour of the       
     newly wed (Talat's parents) in 1953. 

alat Aziz's Footprints
Talat Aziz's Footprints
alat Aziz celebrating his 2nd birthday
Celebrating his Second birthday - Talat Aziz
hile most of the boys of his age had fun, Talat was learning to master music. Here Talat celebrates his seventh birthday with younger brother Rafat and cousin.
Celebrating his Seventh birthday- Talat Aziz

alat's parents were instrumental in developing a flair for singing in Talat Aziz. They used to have mehfils every Saturday at their place. This was how Talat got the chance to display his vocal talent.

Young Talat Singing at a mehfil  
and his father beaming proudly  
alat Aziz's Father Abdul Azeem Khan.
Talat Aziz's father
alat Aziz with his younger brother Rafat.
Talat Aziz with his Brother
alat's mother Sajida Abid is a famous Urdu, writer and poet.
  Talat with mother Sajida Abid

fter the initial training he decided to explore the unfathomable ocean of music with Mehdi Hassan saheb and also learn music from this great singer. He has the unique honour of occupying the same stage with Mehdi Hassan saheb in many concerts in India and abroad.

Talat's true inspiration         
Mehdi Hassan saheb           

pontaneous improvisation and portrayal of the varied moods of the lyrics are his forte. There are not many contemporary ghazal singers who can assign true musical portrayal to each couplet as effortlessly as Talat can. He is musically gifted and is highly skillful in ghazals, geet or film songs. In his presentation, he always strives to establish a rapport with his co-artists and believes that it is the recipe for a good concert.

        Different facets of Talat Aziz
ike other great ghazal singers Talat Aziz is blessed with a haunting melodious voice and tremendous laya control. Among the ghazal singers he is a trend setter, having produced the first ghazal musical video, Tasavvur.
The Debonair singer         

he driving force behind Talat Aziz after marriage was his wife Bina. The woman being his success is herself a very talented artist. She manages her own profession and is one of the upcoming painters of India. Graduated from Elphinstone college trained at J.J. School of Arts, Bina has been commissioned by well known architects and interior designers. She has displayed her beautiful artwork by holding exhibitions whenever necessary. Her painting strikes the beholder as closest to reality anyone could possibly get.
Bina Aziz                
ere are some powerful and striking art works from an immensely talented artist.. Bina Aziz...

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