alat Aziz framed at rare moments with friends and colleagues.

Talat Aziz Rehearsing with Shafqat, Amanat Ali Khan of Fuzion and Louis Banks band at home.

Talat Aziz helping Ustad Rashid Khan to blow the candles on the eve of his birthday June 30th 2001 in Mumbai at a private Mehfil.

Talat Aziz along with Ustad Rashid Khan, Ghulam Ali, Hariharan and friends.

Talat Aziz with Ghulam Ali.

Pankaj Udhas, Bhupender, Hariharan, Talat Aziz at at one more such mehfils.

Ustad Rashid Khan and Talat Aziz giving a short performance at the private Mehfil

Ghulam Ali presenting a vocal as Talat Aziz looks on.
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