many people are cast in the mould that Talat Aziz is- tall, well-built, fair, with sharply defined features and eyes that twinkle. Add to that his wonderfully rich voice, and the picture is irresistible. It was this picture, coupled with Talat's desire to act, that made producer Abbas Hakim take a bold step into producing music videos.

ccording to Aziz "singing and acting are two unmatched issues". They implement their own rules and regulations of their art.

Sangeeta Bijlani and Talat Aziz in
film "Dhun", Directed by Mahesh Bhatt

here acting is concerned he never ever gave a thought to be an actor. It just happened accidentally. Aziz never gave a chance to comment on the making of the film "To be an actor you got to have talent and not just good looks".

Talat Aziz and Dolly Minhaz          
in T.V.Serial "Noorjehan"           

acting Talat Aziz was actually discovered by producer Sunil Mehta of Cinevista (the largest and oldest TV company in India) and was offered a role in "Sahil" and that's how he made it big on television front. He was then flooded with a lot of tele-serials offers, he didn't want to sacrifice his singing career too, so he had to turn down some offers.

        Conveying the emperors wish
    Talat Aziz in T.V.Serial "Noorjehan"

an actor cannot deliver the goods, then he is considered a disaster, but in his case he had a lot of tele-serials offers pouring in and he had "Ghulam", "Manzil", "Sahil", "Sailaab", "Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayee" and "Noorjehan" to his credit which has really proved him as an outstanding Actor.

Ekta and Talat Aziz in "Sahil"        

ziz had never joined any drama school to learn acting but he did prove himself with his outstanding performance. Jagjit and Chitra Singh also commended him for his acting versatility in 'Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayee', and he respected their verdict.

   Talat Aziz and Soni Razdan in "Sahil"

"il Apna Aur Preet Parayee" is the portrayal of the story of a professor and a novelist Satish, a very individualistic and a composed character trapped in the dilemmas and pressures of family life.Talat plays the lead role with Kruttika Desai and Himani Shivpuri.

Talat Aziz in "Dil Apna Preet Parayee"
Produced by : Prem Krishen and Sunil Mehta
Written by : Reoti Saran Sharma
Directed by : Surendra   Mohan
Music by : Talat Aziz
Lyrics by : Nida Fazli

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