alat Aziz’s latest album ‘Caravan-e-Ghazal’ was launched by Saregama India Ltd. on January 13, 2009 at St. Andrews Auditorium, Mumbai.

Caravan-E-Ghazal is an anthology of Ghazals, which weaves together a selection from master poets of the Urdu language. Each Ghazal is introduced with recitation in verse by Salim Arif, which also introduces the poet and his concerns as a prelude to each poetic piece. The compositions and music have embellished this album with a rare ability to relate with the uninitiated enthusiast as well as provide connoisseurs of Urdu poetry with a modern musical interpretation of the great Masters. A special surprise on the album is the collaboration between Talat Aziz and Sonu Niigaam on the soulful track ‘Qurbaton Mein Bhi’.
The evening of the launch itself was like no other with eminent personalities from the music, film and television community coming together to celebrate the launch of ‘Caravan-e-Ghazal’. Ghazals from the album were performed live by Talat Aziz and as on the recording, Salim Arif walked the audience through the land of Urdu poetry. Sonu Niigaam joined Talat Aziz on stage as the two performed the duet from the album and then gave into an encore call with ‘Phir Chhidi Raat’.

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